CEO Message

I appreciate my team to remain committed, focused and working extra mile instead all the challenges we have faced including COVID-19. In 2020-21 we were able to attain EAD MoU, PCP certification renewal, continue CHS membership, enlisted with PDMA, develop strategic planning 2022-24, and develop some new partnerships.

SSEWA-Pak has taken a new direction to implement sustainable and innovative projects with higher level of beneficiary accountability, service delivery mechanism, strengthened relationship with communities we work with, and transform lives with skill development and environment friendly practices. I’m happy that our team has adopted this strategy as a DNA!

As SSEWA-Pak we act as a steward of our resources and facilitate to make the dreams come true within our target communities. A huge gratitude to all our financial supporters and other stakeholders for their trust and shared vision.

Please keep us in your prayers,

Obed Caleb