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Take a look at what team are.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Obed Caleb

Obed brings an extensive experience of 20 years with him including; corporate, business and non-profit sector. He has studied rural development and finance in university. He is passionate about fundraising, program development and institutional development.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Fozia Arshad

Fozia is serving with us since 2001 in many different roles. Currently she is serving as a Coordinator HR and Monitoring. She has wide experience in project management, compliance and beneficiary accountability.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar has extensive experience of working in business and social sector since 2011. He has studied BSc and many development and management short courses. Currently serving as a Head of Administration and Logistics with us.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Shajeel Gill

Shajeel brings a variety of experience in corporate marketing and non-profit financial management since 2013. He is currently working as a Head of Finance.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Sadrak Anson

Sadrak is serving as a livelihood Coordinator and have 10 years of experience in social sector. He has studied economics in college and also has expertise in first aid and monitoring.

By Admin | August 10 2022

Daniel Samuel

Daniel has recently joined as a WASH Coordinator and has studied bachelors in sociology. He has four years of experience working with different charities.

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