Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Shifting the Power
The StP is an unique project which supports the organizational capacity building for better decision making, leadership, and increasing coordination and networking in humanitarian response. The project is being led by Tearfund UK and is supported by 6 Consortium members i.e, Tearfund, Christian Aid, Action Aid, Oxfam, CAFOD and Concern worldwide. The project will raise up local organizations to have access to national and international funding opportunities through a shift of power from international organizations to local organizations.  

The vision of StP is to support local organizations to take their place alongside international actors in order to create a balanced humanitarian system that is more responsive and accountable and can work better when disaster occurs. This project will strengthen local and national organizational capacity for decision making and leadership in humanitarian response. It will link local to national organizations, and at the same time influence international organizations to promote the role of local and national leaders through an effective learning and documentation process as to how they can make national responses faster, better, keeping the high quality and be more effective.  
Throughout the year, (Mar to Dec, 2016) following are the SSEWA-Pak achievements through StP project.