Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Self Help Approach Programme 
Self Help Approach Programme is supported by KNH and implemented in district Mirpurkhas. The Programme's aim is to strengthen rural women in the target areas through women's self-help groups. The Programme has been working since 2005 and 121 women's groups have been formed in 68 villages. SSEWA-Pak and KNH both work with SHA, to develop capacities of these targeted communities. It is a positive progress that the SHA formed 7 CLAs (Cluster Level Association) and is looking for ways and approaches ahead to form a Federation for the betterment of the community. 
Groups are formed at village level then women who belong to the different groups come together and make a Cluster Level Association and the CLA's women will follow the same procedure to form a Federation. Actually this is the hierarchy system to follow the information downward to upward and upward to downward. That is very interesting thing women share their success, issues and many things that women like to be part of the group for their own development.  
In the year of 2016 SHA programme conducted Activities: 
1-Women's Day celebration 
2- 3 exposure visits conducted for CLA and CFs 
3- 1 New CLA formation in Belaro area 
4- 7 Facilitator monthly meeting conducted in SSEWA- Pak 
7- 10 Training kits distributed  
8- 300 Posters printed and distributed in SHGs 
9- Conducted training in SSEWA-Pak for CFs on Social Mobilization and Communication and networking.