Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Self Help Approach Programme 
Self Help Group Approach program is being implemented in district Mirpur Khas since 2005 with the support of Kindernothilfe – Germany (KNH). SHA Goal is to “Develop capacities of target area women and empowering them to have economic, political and social status in the society through Self Help Group Approach”. SHA is encouraging community to establish linkages with district administration, to address their issues. Self Help Group Approach provides a unique platform where women can easily communicate and interact among their community and stakeholders. They learnt working together in unity which will bring positive socio-economic development in their villages and individuals family. Self Help Group members believes in self-development and sustainability. The active participation of women has brought positive and revolutionary change in the behavior of the community. 

SHG Approach is based on three steps. 1st Step: SHG members in their groups will get individual benefits; 2nd Step: SHGs will join/establish Cluster Level Association (CLA) ; 3rd Step: These CLAs will form a Federation that will have a legal registration and will be working for the development work for the women, children and community.  
This year SSEWA-Pak and KNH has agreed to form a Federation, and training on Federation was conducted by KNH National Coordinator and Regional Coordinator. So far the legal registration process is in place and hopefully SSEWA-Pak will have a registered Federation. To support the federation, SHG and CLA members are conducting regular liaising meetings with government departments to strengthen and linking up with district administration. The federation will be registered under social welfare department under Voluntary Social Welfare Agency. 

Exposure visits were organized for federation members at Social Welfare Department, Women Development Department and KCDA (a local NGO) to enhance skills on handicrafts, color combinations and marketing. SHA team conducted an Action Planning Workshop for federation members to develop their future action plans of the federation. 

Last Update August 2017