Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Integrated Socio Economic Initiative for Development (I-SEID) Project
The year started with Water, sanitation, health and environment (WATSAN) Project till March 2016, the activities were implemented in target villages of union council Dilawar Hussain District Mirpurkhas. The aim of the project was to improve water, sanitation & health condition in target communities and strengthening of VDGs (Village Development Group) and SHGs (Self Help Group) at village level. So after successfull completion of WATSAN project, from the month of April 2016, integrated socio economic initiative for development (I-SEID) project is being implemented in 30 targeted villages of union council Dilawar Hussain District Mirpurkhas. This is a 3 year project aiming to develop capacities of men and women and empowering them to attain socio economic uplift in the society by the end of March 2019. Altogether in 30 target village 700 families are being covered and will benefit from the provision of soft and hard components. So at initial stage in all target villages VDGs (Village Development Group) SHGs (Self Help Group) are formed. To strengthen these groups the project team is conducting regular meetings on monthly basis and also enhancing their capacities through different trainings and awareness sessions.  
In self-help groups community women adopted saving habits and are collecting savings on a monthly basis. They are utilizing their money for small businesses like shops and livestock purchasing. So these communities may improve their economic conditions. So far in target villages, Bio Sand Nadi filter training, Fuel efficient stove training, primary health care training, business skill training, and CLTS (Community led total Sanitation) training. The video motivation sessions enhance the knowledge of these target communities and make them realize what are the best practices of health and hygiene. As per need assessment in target villages Bio sand nadi filters are installed and now in these villages communities are getting clean drinking water and are now safe from waterborne diseases.  
In all target villages fuel efficient stoves are also installed and now the people are safe from the risk of smoke diseases. In all target villages tree saplings have been distributed among members and they planted these tree saplings near to their houses and in village surrounding area so in future these tree saplings will contribute to environment improvement. In the month of October 2016, Global hand washing day was celebrated and approximately 200 children participated and become aware about the hand washing practice with soap, during the program soap was distributed among children. In SHGs (self-help group) member's seasonal seeds (kitchen gardening kits) have been distributed among those members who keep interest in kitchen gardening, so they cultivated these vegetable seeds in their villages and in future it will contribute to reduce daily food expenditure along with it in these SHG groups two teddy goats will also be distributed in each group and in future these group members will revolve goat's offspring to each SHG group member and through this activity they will improve their economic conditions.