Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Integrated Socio Economic Initiative for Development (I-SEID) Project
ISEID project is focused on capacity building of 700 men and women through socio-economic initiatives in 30 target villages of union council Dilawar Hussain of district Mirpur Khas. The project is being supported by Tearfund UK for 3 years (2016 to 2019) mainly focusing marginalized agrarians who have very low socio-economic status in the society.
During the year II project period (Jan-June, 17), each village have formed a central village group named VDGs (Village Development Groups) comprising 20-25 male and SHGs (Self Help Groups) comprising 20-22 females. Although these groups have separate responsibilities but their development objectives are centralized in the form of VDP (Village Development Plans). These 30 women self-help groups are practicing small savings on the monthly basis. Till 30th June, 2017, the savings has reached up to Rs. 213,340 (PKR) which is used as a revolving fund to initiate small income generating businesses. Another purpose of these VDGs & SHGs is to have a social gathering within the village members. They regularly sit together and discuss village matters and seek possible assistance to resolving their identified issues. The VDGs and SHGs are considered the Central Hub of the villages which are ultimately the change makers.
Access to clean drinking water is also one of the major challenges for these communities; the lack of awareness has led them practicing their traditional practices. The nearby water channels flow twice a month for a week. To address this common challenge, we have constructed 02 water tanks in villages where the access to water was difficult. These water tanks as linked in with water channels to fill in and utilize it during water shortfalls. We have also introduced Bio-Sand Nadi Filter which makes 99 percent water safe for drinking. The training on BSNF was also provided to the community which is based on installation, operational maintenance and awareness rising. This helps them to make BSNF on their own. 

The ISEID project is also contributing to reduce open defecation in all villages and has integrated CLTS (Community Led Total Sanitation) Sessions. CLTS uses practical tools which enables community to understand the importance of using pit latrines. So far 185 pit latrines has been constructed in 30 target villages by the community and the team look forward to achieve the complete ODF status in all villages. For the visual attraction, the project has conducted VMS (Video Motivation Session) in the community to build awareness rising sessions in the community. These sessions are conducted in the evening, so that everyone is involved in these sessions. Different success models, stories and documentaries are shown in these awareness sessions. These sessions covers, hand washing practices, proper sanitation, use of clean drinking water and use of latrines.  

S# Activities Target Achievements
1 VDG/SHG Development Plan Meetings                                  20 20
2 CLTS Trainings 15 15
3 Video Motivation Sessions 20 20
4 Communal Drinking Water Tank 2 2
5 Exposure Visit 3 3
6 Immunization/ Vaccination 30 30
7 SHG Mella / World Women’s Day Celebration 1
8 End of Project Survey 30 30
9 SHG Record Keeping Training 10 10
10 Business Skill Training 10 10
11 VDG/SHG Meetings 30 30
12 Stakeholders Meeting 1 1
Last Update August 2017